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The recipes below are favorites in one of two ways: either I like it and cook it regularly, or, I got the recipe and am planning to do it in the future.

I got them in all sorts of ways, a.o. sent by friends, from usenet, from books. I have indicated sources wherever possible.

The classification is not exact, e.g. the distinction between casserole and stew is vague (to me). Some dishes are in more than one class. E.g. Chiles Rellenos is with the Oven dishes but also under Vegetables.

Some of the recipes are in English, some are in Dutch, a few are in French. It is a goal to have them all at least in English but that won't be very soon.

  These I have made and found good These look promising
Pasta and noodles
Sauces and soups
Stew / stove top
Casserole / Oven


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